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In the ASIC and FPGA design world there are a lot of large EDA vendors that deal with the various aspects of the design process.  There are a lot of small niche areas that are overlooked by these large companies.  We want to provide some simple tools that will help you with the task.  Our goal is to provide those tools for free.  If they are of use to you we hope you will give back to the community and add to them.

Now for an overview of what we are looking at.

Register Capture and Document Generation

There are a lot of ways to define registers.  Two that come to mind are IP-XACT and SystemRDL.  These work to capture the design side requirements but when it comes to creating documentation from these they just don't support what is needed.  They are also very verbose and probably overly complicated for most internally developed tools.

Go here see what our ideas are in this area.

Architectural Exploration

Again, there are some big tools for testing out big algorithms.  What we have seen is there is a lot of early design work that happens on the back of napkins or in a spreadsheet that never really goes anywhere.  We want to provide some tools that will allow an architect to do those back of the napkin what-ifs in a simple way while making sure the ideas are captured and can used at later stages.

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